Advanced Imaging Conference
Extended Legacy

The Advanced Imaging Conference was established in 2003 to gather, create, and disseminate information on how to produce astro images of the highest quality, while helping to grow the size of the global astroimaging community. We have also strived to give amateur astrophotographers the opportunity to make legitimate contributions to the professional scientific community and to increase the general public’s awareness and appreciation of the wonderful images produced by amateur astrophotographers and their equipment.

Having presented highly successful conferences for twenty years, we have provided several thousand amateur astrophotographers the opportunity for personal, face-to-face connection with both comrades who share their passion for the hobby and the equipment and services providers that make our hobby possible. Seminars from world-class astroimagers have allowed our attendees to expand their knowledge and skills to maximize their success imaging the skies.

As we conclude the presentation of live conferences, we are pleased to offer an ongoing contribution to the world of amateur astroimaging. One of our proudest achievements was the launch in 2012 of the AIC Digital Library. All presentations from the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 conferences, a collection of more than 100 video presentations from our international cadre of astroimaging experts and professional astronomers, are available here at no charge. This collection is perhaps the largest store of astroimaging instruction anywhere in the world. To honor AIC’s history of serving the amateur astro-imaging community, we are pleased to make this unique educational experience available to the next generation of astroimagers.

To access the complimentary AIC Digital Library, hosted by Adam Block Studios, follow this link.

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Two of AIC’s longtime board members, Warren Keller and Adam Block, offer extensive astroimaging guidance available at the links below.

Warren Keller Adam Block