Bob Denny

Master developer of astronomy communication and control software


Workshop: ACP Expert: Technology Overview and Applications to Astro-Imaging
Tech Briefing: ASCOM Alpaca: Not Just for PC's Anymore

Workshop Description:
Bob will discuss the artificial intelligence scheduling and remote control of astronomy imaging hardware and software through the ACP Observatory Control family of software. He will cover the advantages of using mobile devices and web interface to simplify image acquisition and maximize observatory productivity. Also covered will be automatic delivery of images via Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Finally, Bob will discuss remote operation with astronomy clubs, students, and public, and how to avoid the need for training on complex acquisition software, and protect against people "adjusting" things and upsetting the installation. This will not cover installation of ACP and/or commissioning of observatories.

Tech Briefing: Bob will discuss ASCOM Alpaca, a new standard, that provides internet communication between astronomy software programs and astronomy devices on multiple operating systems such as: iOS, Linux, Android, and Mac. This will allow WiFi-connected mobile devices and astronomy instruments connected by WiFi. Alpaca is fully compatible with existing unmodified devices, drivers and programs on Windows.

Bob Denny is a software engineer who has revolutionized automated control of astronomy equipment and software through his development of the astronomy common object model (ASCOM) standard, the new ASCOM Alpaca standard, and the most widely-used web-based astronomy control family of software, ACP Observatory Control. ACP has been continuously upgraded to include more features, to be usable on computers and mobile devices, and to keep up with changes in software and hardware. It is used by amateur and professional astronomers around the world to remotely control their equipment, be it for pretty pictures, or science.

Bob is also a pilot, and a recently retired 18-year volunteer for the local county sheriff in his home state of Arizona.

See Bob’s very informative website discussing ACP Expert at